Quillpad Server

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Quillpad Transliteration Server

Quillpad is an indic language input technology that revolutionized the Indian language typing scene. It is one of the most popular Indic input technologies with more than a billion words typed on the website alone.

Quillpad pioneered the successful use of machine learning for building a predictive language input technology. Quillpad has been rated as the best by many organisations that have embraced Quillpad.




There are several archive files in the repository which have to be extracted, these include trained transliteration models and additional text files necessary for the Quillpad Server


Quillpad Server requires Python 2.7 to run.

First, we need to compile the Quillpad Model loader that will be used to load the trained transliteration models

   $ cd Python\ Cart/python
   $ python setup.py build_ext --inplace
   $ cp QuillCCart.so ../../
   $ cd ../../

Now, the Quillpad Server is ready to run

   $ python startquill_cherry.py

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